Sunday, March 29, 2015

Absonus Noctis - Penumbral Inorgantia (2005)

Cavernous solo US black metal. Dissonant and eerie, not unlike fellow countrymen Xasthur and (early) I Shalt Become.

Track listing:
1. Distant Underground Kingdoms Long Forgotten
2. Ancient Chambers of Inhuman Sorrow
3. Sinking into an Abysmal Pool of Weeping Souls
4. Inorganic Reanimation - Awakening
5. Inorganic Reanimation - Ascension
6. The Black Fields of Desolation

Acid lights

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  1. He was also in Vpaahsalbrox, one of my absolute FAVORITE pieces of the "Fucked Up Texas Black Metal" USBM microfaction, which featured bands like Nivathe, Senthil, Thra'el, Imynvokad, Khimaat, I'm In A Coffin, Triphane, and now Erraunt (though the latter has relocated to Chicago).