Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inure - Inure (Rough Mixes) (2003)

Last month, I wrote about Plaguewielder and Diablero, two of many great, virtually unknown, crusty metal bands from early 2000s Baltimore. Today, I bring you Inure, arguably the Holy Grail of the bunch. They were siiiiick -- a hybrid of crust, death metal, melodic black metal, and thrash, with a frontwoman whose banshee-like scream belied her gift for soulful clean vox -- and it's a goddamn travesty that they never got more attention.

Inure recorded their only LP in 2003, but it wasn't released until 2006, long after they had broken up, when, as I recall, the guy who ran their label went rogue and just put it out. And while I'm not bothered by that choice, I am bothered by the track order -- why in the fuck would you put the mellow, five-minute-long instrumental first? -- so what I'm posting is from the CDr that started circulating shortly after the recording sessions had concluded. It might be slightly more raw or something, but trust me, this is the superior version.

Track listing:
1. Pray Harder (And It Still Won't Work)
2. Dos
3. Into the Ending
4. Mudfoot
5. Dollars Will Dance
6. Harvest
7. Untitled
8. Suffer the Sickness

Might as well kill me
'Cause you won't take my harvest


  1. Is there a 320 rip from the cdr? Thanks.

    1. I'll try to find the cdr, and if I can I'll make one. I made this rip waaaay back in the day, before I knew anything about bitrates