Thursday, February 26, 2015

Plaguewielder - Demo (2005) + Diablero - Demo Tracks (2007)

Plaguewielder and Diablero are two of many other killer Baltimore crust/metal bands that were/are huge local draws, but never managed to attract much of a following outside of their immediate area. Between two of my bands, I probably played upwards of 10 shows with Plaguewielder, and they destroyed every single time. After Plaguewielder, some of them (not sure how many, I don't know them that well and the internet provides very little info) formed Diablero, who thus far have released a single 7" -- not sure if they're still together. Both bands made/make crusty black metal -- or blackened crust -- with Plaguewielder erring on the sludgier, Dystopia-y side of things. I almost feel like I'm giving away secrets by discussing these bands on my stupid blog, but fuck it, more people should know this stuff.

Track listing:
1. By the Rise of the Sun
2. Imprisoned
3. From Beyond the Horizon
4. Parasite
5. Undertow
6. Release
7. Don't Answer the Phone
8. Tracks
9. Disbelieve...
5 tracks. CDr with no track names provided.

Ghosts in the vacants