Friday, February 20, 2015

Morbosidad - Morbosidad (2000)

While "Demons Sexually Assaulting Religious Figures" has long been a popular movement in metal album art, the woman on the cover of Morbosidad doesn't appear to be anyone particularly pious, and judging by her body language and facial expression, this a consensual, and mutually enjoyable sexual encounter. This serves to humanize the demon, and gives the piece a more relatable, even wholesome, if voyeuristic feel.

Morbosidad are a spot-on Blasphemy worship band from sunny California. Dirty black/death with a sloppy, grind-y approach.

Track listing:
1. Bestial Y Morboso
2. Esclavos De Hipocrecia
3. Putos
4. Pacto Satanico (Parte II
5. Putos (Parte II)
6. Castraction Bestial
7. Cruxifica Tu Existencia
8. Tetrico
9. Cagada De Christo


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