Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ian Carr's Nucleus - Out of the Long Dark (1978)

Keeping this funky jazz ball rolling. Just discovered an unfinished draft of a post about this album from way back in April of 2013, meaning that this was supposed to be one of the very first things posted on here. It's probably a good thing that it got buried, though, as I have way more readers now. Furthermore, you wouldn't have had the joy of reading the incredible but true story of the forgotten blog post!

Track listing:
1. Gone with the Weed
2. Lady Bountiful
3. Solar Wind
4. Selina
5. Out of the Long Dark (Conception)
6. Sassy (American Girl)
7. Simply This (The Human Condition)
8. Black Ballad (Ecce Domina)
9. For Liam

Things pass


  1. Wow what a gem! Aside from the great electronic music you post here you have a knack for the really cool not standard i.e. trad jazz. Ian's stuff in the early to late 70s was choice jazz funk fusion. Just great musicianship! This is a really good album also Bella Donna an early one is really good!

  2. a very BIG THANKS for this one!!!
    keep up.