Saturday, February 7, 2015

Prins Thomas - Prins Thomas II (2012)

Right off the bat: this is not a crappy, slacker-core indie rock album, as that highly questionable album art might have you believing. No, Prins Thomas makes pulsing, krautrock-laced space disco. There's not much to speak of in terms of song structure, as each track seems content to playfully roll around collecting percussion, basslines, and melodic elements. Kinda like a musical Katamari Damacy.

Track listing:
1. Symfonisk Utviklingshemming
2. Flau Pappadans 1
3. Bobletekno
4. Bom Bom
5. Bobletekno (Permiks)
6. Tjukkas Pa Karussel
7. Flau Pappadans 2

No dancing


  1. downloading this for a listen. Have you heard this ?

    1. I have not, I'll try to track it down.

  2. I have a copy if you cant locate it anywhere. Loving this album btw..Bobletekno is the stand out track for me

  3. Great album, clever constructions and plenty of detail and variation in each track. Not sure about the Katamari Damacy analogy, but a big thumbs-up for referencing one of my favourite game series! Love your eclectic blog, not so much the dark and doomy stuff perhaps, but there are all sorts of great artists I wouldn't otherwise have come across, so thank you for all your hard work putting together such an interesting and eclectic selection.