Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lauren Bousfield - Avalon Vales (2013)

Frantic, distorted, warped, yet melodic, electronic beauty from an LA-based artist. I just went through a difficult time involving the untimely death of a family member, hence my short absence. Think I'm coming out the other side, though, and I really want to feel as though I'm returning to normalcy, so here, look, I'm not bothering to give this truly exceptional artist or album a proper writeup -- just like I normally would!

Track listing:
1. Fire Sale
2. Riverrun Humbling Allegory
3. Avalon Sliding Down the Cliff
4. Archangel Glycon
5. No More Worlds Like This, No More Days Like That
6. Ascending Hands
7. Cracknight
8. Pulling Down Palm Trees
9. Valed
10. Lipstick Smeared Over the Amaretto
11. Cascading Retail Spaces
12. Empty Relationships
13. Audkyrie
14. Somerset Blather On and On
15. Automatic Warlock RFID Stratford Upon Avon
16. Heavening
17. Our Trauma

A tiny streak of daylight


  1. Isn't this the mad genius behind Nero's Day At Disneyland??

    1. I haven't heard them, but that appears to be the case, so thanks!

  2. "From Rotting Fantasylands" is highly recommended, glitchcore with a sort of "baroque" feel to it. Lauren used to be a male, BTW, so if you encounter a different first name that's why.

    1. Sounds super interesting. Downloading it as I type this, looking forward to hearing it!