Thursday, February 19, 2015

Afric Simone - Boogie Baby (1978)

It's been pretty dreary recently 'round these parts recently, so let's open the blinds and let some sun in, eh? Boogie Baby is a charming, irresistibly upbeat collection of so-called "ethno-disco" (disco infused with elements of African music) and it could make a dead man smile.

Track listing:
1. Coffee, Tea, or Me
2. Cadeau-Cadeau
3. Maria Madalena
4. Julie
5. Tūmbi Mama
6. Casanova Africano
7. Boogie Baby
8. Help Me Picasso
9. Sympathy
10. Hipi Tūmbi Saza
11. Jambo-Jambo

Darling, do you want a coffee?
Do you want a tea?
Or you want a me?

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