Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nihil Nocturne - Necrohell (2003)

German black metal. Due to its consisting of the results of two obviously different recording sessions, Necrohell feels more like two EPs than a single album. The production on the first four songs is rough but full, while the latter half's is pretty cult. Musically, though, it's all quite similar: cold, cerebral black metal with subtle use of keyboards and clean guitars, and a good mix of tempos and song structures. I kinda wanted to post their newest album, 2008's Entheogen, as it seems to have gotten more of a bad rep despite being fucking awesome, but in the end, Necrohell's still my favorite.

Track listing:
1. Wasteland of the Damned
2. Black Oath of Sacrifice
3. Born in Blasphemy
4. Compact Nothingness Supreme
5. Terror Satan Hate Modul
6. Evil from the Woods
7. The Paradise of Vaalghul
8. Horror Vacui
9. Necrotower

Neon inhalation
Black blood synthesis
Aeon invocation
Hybrid resurrection domain

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