Sunday, February 15, 2015

Heresi - Psalm I (2005) + Psalm II: Infusco Ignis (2006)

Swedish black metal. Deceptively intricate, tremolo-picked melodies dominate the faster sections, while the midtempo parts have a sinister groove that will sound familiar to fans of Celeste or fellow Swedish countrymen Craft.

Track listing:
-Psalm I-
1. Civitate Dei - Ondskans Hov
2. Deus Absconditus
3. Efter Själens Stympning
-Psalm II-
1. Liothe
2. Bevingad och försedd med horn
3. Dionysesinitiationen
4. Proaíresis
5. Infusco ignis

Do you live your life in God's filth?

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