Sunday, February 15, 2015

Black Funeral - Ordog (2006)

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They've got a bunch of great records, but to me, Ordog represents Black Funeral's clear artistic peak. The clanging drums, synthetic guitars, distorted vocals, and generally harsh, ritualistic atmosphere were all part of the aural canvas of their previous record, the excellent Az-I-Dahak, but with Ordog, they stepped up the cacophony and the sensory overload, and created what could have been a watershed moment -- for them and, possibly, for the genre in general -- if only everyone except for me hadn't hated it so much.

Track listing:
1. Harbinger of Pestilence
2. Hymn to Ahriman
3. Ordog
4. Mummu Chaos
5. Of Ravening Wolves
6. The Chain
7. Deathless and Eternal
8. Abyssic Doctrine
9. Unclean Spirit
10. Ode to Pazuzu
11. Lilitu

Moon thirst


  1. Amazing album. I can see why some people hated this (pleasent music it isn't), but I`m really diggin' it.

  2. Some moments (specially Hymn to Ahriman) it reminded me of Suicide (!)