Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bill Frisell - Rambler (1984)

A dynamic, varied collection. From the fuzzed out, unresolved melodies of album opener "Tone", to bizarre quasi-march "Music I Heard", to the scatterbrained slo-mo of "Wizard of Odds", Rambler remains consistently engaged and engaging, and ultimately serves as a striking, early snapshot of the budding brilliance of Brill Frisell.

Track listing:
1. Tone
2. Music I Heard
3. Rambler
4. When We Go
5. Resistor
6. Strange Meeting
7. Wizard of Odds

Fields of alfalfa


  1. In Line will always hold a special place in my heart, but Rambler is 80s Bill at his most inspired. Great one to post, good work as always!

  2. Thanks! Been looking for early Frisell...

    1. Yeah, I remembered you saying that, was gonna send you a link. This is still all I've managed to track down.

    2. I'd be happy to offer a zshare link for In Line and/or Lookout For Hope? I have both.

    3. That would be great, please do!

    4. No probs!

      In Line:

      Lookout For Hope:

  3. Warming to see all the comments on Frisell. I certainly am not familiar with all 1,647 of his releases, this one included, so hearty thanks. That said, for me in his canon it's Blues Dream. I dare anyone to sit down with that one and not be transported to someplace exquisite.

  4. Dear Alan Burns, thanxx but both your Frisell links are down.. i dunno i youll'ever read this, but that's it!!!