Friday, February 13, 2015

Scorn - Vae Solis (1992)

Crushing industrial metal featuring Mick Harris and Nic Bullen of Napalm Death. A droning, noise rock-ish approach, with heavily processed/pitchshifted vox.

Track listing:
1. Spasm
2. Suck and Eat You
3. Hit
4. Walls of My Heart
5. Lick Forever Dog
6. Thoughts of Escape
7. Deep In - Eaten Over and Over
8. On Ice
9. Heavy Blood
10. Scum After Death (Dub)
11. Fleshpile (Edit)
12. Orgy of Holiness
13. Still Life

The sky is loaded

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  1. How come no mention that Justin Broadrick of Godflesh plays guitar on this album?

    This is the same band member lineup that was on side A of the Napalm Death - Scum album.