Thursday, February 12, 2015

Paul Motian Band - Psalm (1981)

Free-form ambient pieces and jagged melodic themes over dissonant grooves. Just the way I like my ECM. Although -- and maybe it's my current stressed out and morose state of mind -- the happy-go-lucky "Mandeville" can go sit on an erupting volcano.

Track listing:
1. Psalm
2. White Magic
3. Boomerang
4. Fantasm
5. Mandeville
6. Second Hand
7. Etude
8. Yahllah



  1. ha, good description of your typical 80s ECM session - great combination of musicians making a really interesting record, with just the odd track where you wonder what the hell they were thinking!

    thanks for posting. if you ever manage to come across 'Cracked Mirrors' by Pepl, Joos and Christensen, you would truly be a legend among bloggers.

    1. I definitely have that! I'll post it soon.

    2. that would be amazing! thanks again.