Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dreamworld - On Flight to the Light (1980)

Here's a lost classic of laid-back German prog rock. Musically, it's spaced-out and chill -- all gently strummed guitars, gauzy synths, organ, piano, reverb-y flutes, and motorik drums -- but the vocals have this understatedly idiosyncratic quality that, in combination with the synths, reminds me, for whatever reason, of The Residents. I can't stop listening to this record.

Track listing:
1. Ways of Love
2. Beneath Silence and Storm (Part 1)
3. Beneath Silence and Storm (Part 2)
4. Summerdays
5. Dreamworld's Symphony: Introduction
6. Dreamworld's Symphony: Between Trees and Oiseaux
7. Dreamworld's Symphony: Un Rêve Se Réalisé
8. Dreamworld's Symphony: Endless Tenderness

I'm sitting here enjoying peace
Watching birds, watching trees


  1. Yo,

    First of all - this is so good, thank you for sharing.
    Deleted my facebook so… I’m going to share this with you here:
    Great blog, picked up a lot of stuff from it.
    Keep doing your thing, I’ma get back on this sooner or later and stop all the poaching…gotta give back…

    1. I knew you'd like this! Wasn't sure if you were still coming here though. I found them through their connection to Yatha Sidhra - not sure if you know them, you prob wouldn't be as into it.That blog looks sweet, though, already started downloading some psych rock. And Imaginary Radio Station is missed, you should get back on that, you have so many good records!

  2. this one will get a lot of listens from me. gorgeous stuff.