Monday, March 2, 2015

Boredoms - Super Roots 7 (1998)

Just a reminder that Boredoms are one of the greatest bands of all time. Super Roots 7 finds Boredoms at their most ecstatic, and was inspired by/includes musical elements of "Where Were You" by the Mekons. Joyful repetition of musical phrases as piercing feedback, digital oscillations, and other bizarre sonics come and go.

Track listing:
1. 7~ (Ewe Remix)
2. 7--> (Boriginal)
3. 7+ (Eye Remix)

Your name is limitless


  1. Shit, I can't believe this is the first I've heard of the Boredoms. I genuinely can't thank you enough. I'm two albums into their collection (random jump from here -- this album), and I feel a good percentage of the musicians I have loved for years were heavily influenced by them.

    1. Always happy to receive comments like this, ESPECIALLY when they're regarding a band as a amazing as Boredoms! If you haven't already, make sure you hear "Super Ae" -- definitely my favorite of theirs.

  2. And now I'm lost in a sea of artists/albums from your blog. You run an AMAZING site. Thanks so much!

  3. Oh, you can hear aspects in Boredoms that give a nod to such artists as Captain Beefheart, Can, and Magical Power Mako, so the Mekons reference is hardly alone; I'm still amazed so many people aren't familiar with Boredoms. I haven't seen the group in concert since 1999, so that shows how confused I've been by latecoming fans.