Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ascend - Ample Fire Within (2008)

Was working on a requested Sunn O))) post (I'll get there) when I got distracted by this one. Ascend is a duo consisting of Greg Anderson, whose projects have included Sunn O))), Goatsnake, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, and many others, and Gentry Densley, best known as one half of Eagle Twin. Their music is densely layered, highly dynamic, and has a disjointed, deconstructed feel that reminds me a bit of Khanate, but retains a sense of subtle beauty, even as feedback and demonic choirs threaten to decimate your speakers.

Track listing:
1. The Obelisk of Kolob
2. Ample Fire Within
3. Divine
4. V.O.G.
5. Her Horse Is Thunder
6. Dark Matter

These dreams I dream of lions
And with alarming frequency


  1. holy crap, this is fantastic! many thanks for posting.

  2. I'll give this a go while awaiting the Sunn O))) :)

  3. Track 3 Divine ...sounds like it could be off the first Nick Cave album...From Her To Eternity. I like this a lot. Listened to it on the way to work

  4. Funnny that AMG cites, as similar albums, from Ulver to Hawkind, Deep Purple and Alice Cooper, and from Buckethead to Porcupine Tree and even Queen and Talk Talk!!!