Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Open Mind - The Open Mind (1969)

Some early psychedelia for your spring break/work week. The Open Mind is this UK band's only LP, and it's a collection of short, catchy, Nuggets-like psych pop gems, with lots of vocal harmonies, druggy lyrics, and fuzzed-out leads. I have a shit-ton of records like this that I never post, for some reason.

Track listing:
1. Dear Louise
2. Try Another Day
3. I Feel the Same Way Too
4. My Mind Cries
5. Can't See You
6. Thor the Thunder God
7. Horses and Chariots
8. Before My Time
9. Free as the Breeze
10. Girl I'm So Alone
11. Soul and My Will
12. Falling Again

Looked at the moon and it was crying
Looked at the trees and they were sleeping

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  1. Surely this is one of the best blogs I've ever come across.
    My favorite is the comment by the guy on the Julie Ruin post. AMAZING!