Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bruce Palmer - The Cycle Is Complete (1971)

A sprawling, low-key near-masterpiece of jazz-flavored psychedelia. Extended, organic-sounding instrumental jams composed flute, violin, organ, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, congas and other hand drums, hypnotic basslines, and, once in a while, some bluesy vocals. Super chill.

Track listing:
1. Alpha - Omega - Apocalypse
2. Interlude
3. Oxo
4. Calm Before the Storm

Don't want to treat you right


  1. This is the best music blog I've come across in years.

  2. Seconded. This is brilliant - bit of a Tim Buckley thing going on.

  3. Just had to say thanks for posting this. One of my favorite downloads lately. Good music blogs are getting hard to find. Thanks for all the effort.

  4. i love this record i have a vinyl version that is a perfect replica of the original pressing, and i really love it, but, as most of my vinyls, it could be up for sale...


  5. yes tis a treat to visit your blog the music is stupendous thanks for all your hard work

  6. thanks bro ur blog is amazing!!