Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bohren and Der Club of Gore - Geisterfaust (2005)

The Nest - Music for Drivers (2012)

Bohren and Der Club of Gore make slow, dark jazz that's (probably intentionally) quite similar to the music to which you'd see Audrey Horne seductively swaying on Twin Peaks. Despite the instrumentation, which includes vibraphone, saxophone, and Rhodes piano, and their complete lack of guitar distortion, I'd argue that they have more in common with drone doom and funeral doom than they do with any given jazz artist.

Geisterfaust is, with the possible exception of Midnight Radio, their most challenging release. Each of these five long compositions seems to exist in a sort of slo-mo free-fall of drawn-out chords, simple vibe/sax melodies, and extremely sparse percussion; either there's no steady rhythm present, or the tempos are too slow for it to be readily discernible.

Track listing:
1. Zeigefinger
2. Daumen
3. Ringfinger
4. Mittelfinger
5. Kleinerfinger

Black city skyline

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