Friday, March 6, 2015

Joe Henderson - Multiple (1973)

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Phenomenal, funky, groove-based jazz fusion from a band led by Joe Henderson, one of jazz's all-time great saxophonists. Though it's plenty far-out, Multiple is one of Henderson's more accessible ventures -- in addition to continuing his exploration of the world of studio overdubs, it features a bit of vocals from the man himself!

Track listing:
1. Tress-Cun-Deo-La
2. Bwaata
3. Song for Sinners
4. Turned Around
5. Me, Among Others

In pursuit of blackness


  1. Downloaded this and the previous 2 for a listen. Found this on NPR's First Listen page last for all the jazz-heads...Omar Sosa. A lovely album and worth a listen. Proabably only up there for a few more days till release date (next week i guess).

  2. Just a single post for the great Joe Henderson. Hmm. The guy can play anything, and do it brilliantly. There may be reggae, polka and a duet with a Tuvan throat singer in his discography, it's so varied. For these ears though it's his album In 'n Out that's my default setting. Not only in Mr. Henderson's oeuvre, but in jazz period. It's a monster. Blessings for the post.

  3. thank i was missing!