Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ah Cama-Sotz - Terra Infernalis (1999)

Unsettling, industrial-leaning dark ambient from German artist Herman Klapholz. A slow-building storm-cloud of drifting synths, stabs of white noise, anxious drum loops, ghostly drones, cryptic spoken word passages, and various other otherworldly sounds.

Track listing:
1. Ce Carnage Démoniaque
2. Rite and Belief
3. Look for Graves with Holes in Them (L'Ame du Crime Remix)
4. Narbukh
5. Empty Souls
6. Vio-Lence and Vivi-Section
7. Look for Graves with Holes in Them
8. None of This Is True
9. Ill-Letrik
10. Zostrah

Empire of disease

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  1. Thanks, DEAR_SPIRIT. Think you'll like this:

    ANENZEPHALIA Noehaem (courtesy of Gorish)


  2. Exquisite! 😈