Sunday, October 5, 2014

Black Seas of Infinity - AMRITA: The Quintessence (2007)

Distorted drones, ghostly keyboards, feedback, sound and movie samples, electronic percussion. Light some candles, take some pills, and dream unspeakable visions. Then, when you wake up, make sure to hit up the BSOI Angelfire page, which is an actual thing.

Track listing:
1. Ajasram Abhichara
2. Devourment
3. AIShtLa
4. Porta Vox Umbra
5. Daughter of the Bleeding Sunset
6. Anti Vital Interior of the Womb Exploded Moon

I stand without death, mine eye plunging the recesses of abandonment
Orgasmic feast vibrates the silence of the colours undreamt veracity
I consume with ravenous ferocity the ascension of eternity

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  1. I was supposed to do a collaborative project with the dude behind this one a few years ago. We lived states apart and had all these ideas. Used to spend hours on the phone with him. Life was life and it never came to be. Starting out it was going to be a split release and we said screw it lets just collab on it. I can only imagine how it would have came out.