Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Goblin - Patrick OST (1978) + Tenebre OST (1982)

Since we've all heard the soundtracks to Deep Red, Suspiria, and Zombie a million times (right????) how 'bout we check in with some of Goblin's less celebrated, still totally sweet works. I'm ashamed to say, I've never seen Patrick, so I can't vouch for its quality, but I can tell you its tagline: "He's in a coma... yet, he can kill." Tenebre, on the other hand, I have seen, and though it's not quite on par with Argento's best work, it's definitely great, provided you like brutal stabbings, barely coherent plot lines, stilted acting, funky, synth-driven jams, and boobs, a.k.a all of the best things in life. Watch this, and if you're not scrambling to watch this movie ASAP, then I'm worried about you.

Nerd note: Although Goblin were broken up when Tenebre came out, Argento managed to convince three members to work on the soundtrack; thus, it is officially credited not to Goblin, but to Simonetti-Morante-Pignatelli. Also, both of these are the "complete" editions, meaning that there are a bunch of alternate versions tacked on.

Track listing:
1. Patrick
2. Transmute
3. Bagliori Di Luce
4. Visioni
5. Snip Snap
6. Metamorfosi
7. Follie
8. Vibrazioni
9. Metamorfosi II Parte
10. Transmute
11. Visioni
12. Metamorfosi
13. Patrick
14. Transmute
15. Bagliori Di Luce II
16. Patrick
17. Patrick
18. Patrick
19. Patrick (Finale)
1. Tenebre
2. Gemini
3. Slow Circus
4. Lesbo
5. Flashing
6. Tenebre (Reprise)
7. Waiting Death
8. Jane Mirror Theme
9. Flashing (Film Version)
10. Gemini (Film Version Suite)
11. Flashing (Intro Film Version)
12. Gemini (Alternate Film Version)
13. Jane Mirror Theme (Film Version)
14. Tenebre (Alternate Film Version)
15. Slow Circus (Film Version Suite)
16. Lesbo (Film Version)
17. Tenebre Maniac (SFX Bonus Track)
18. Tenebre (Remix)
19. Flashing (Remix)

He had broken the most deep-rooted taboo, and felt not guilt, not anxiety or fear, but freedom.


  1. PATRICK is really a great genre shocker - worth seeing, but avoid the sequel/s! My former landlady plays the evil nurse...

  2. Thanks a lot for both of them !