Friday, October 10, 2014

Rozz Williams - Every King a Bastard Son (1992)

In case you haven't noticed -- and I wouldn't put it past you, you're dumb as hell -- it's Halloween season. And we at OPIUM HUM HQ couldn't be more full of grim, skull-fucking, spine-stabbing excitement. So please enjoy this and the rest of this month's selections the way they're intended to be enjoyed: extremely loudly, in the dark, while gurgling your last breaths through a slit throat.

With that said, here's one of the more bizarre, disturbing records I've heard. It's Rozz Williams (Christian Death, Premature Ejaculation) reciting cryptic and violent poetry over noisescapes of detuned guitars, warped piano and organ, samples, loops, and electronics. The other night, for reasons I still can't comprehend, I tried to go to sleep to this shit. It didn't work.

P.S. Please understand, those of you that have knee-jerk reactions about this kind of thing, that swastika up there does not indicate that this is a pro-Nazi album, any more than the crucifix indicates that it's a Christian record. It's there to make you feel uncomfortable.

Track listing:
1. Whorse
2. Mind Fuck (Soundtrack to a Murder)
3. The Beast (Invocation)
4. Currents
5. To He Who Shall Come After (Mystic Fragments)
6. The Evil Ones
7. No Soldier (Cloak of Shit)
8. Walls/Voices

Once it has your attention, it exploits you

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