Tuesday, October 14, 2014

György Ligeti - Kammerkonzert / Ramifications / Lux Aeterna / Atmosphères (1988)

The music of Hungarian composer György Ligeti is in a constant state of unease. At times, it's long, soft, sustained tones; elsewhere, it's churning with busy, piercing energy. But it's almost always dissonant, and never more than semi-melodic.

Track listing:
1. Kammerkonzert für 13 Instrumentalisten: 1. Corrente
2. Kammerkonzert für 13 Instrumentalisten: 2. Calmo, sostenuto
3. Kammerkonzert für 13 Instrumentalisten: 3. Movimento preciso e meccanico
4. Kammerkonzert für 13 Instrumentalisten: 4. Presto
5. Ramifications [Version für Streichorchester]
6. Ramifications [Version für 12 Solostreicher]
7. Lux aeterna
8. Atmosphères

Something has grown inside my chest


  1. doesn't seem to work

    1. Link works, just downloaded, unzipped, and played it. Must be a problem on yr end. Let me know if you can't make it work and I'll get a new link up.

  2. There is never enough Ligeti or Arvo Part in these quarters. Much thanks, great to hear this again and anew always.

  3. I've played this several times since downloading. Even though I have 3 of the Sony Classical CDs and 2 of the Ligeti Project CDs, this is a welcome addition. Thanks!