Sunday, October 19, 2014

Black Putrefaction & Crucivomitorial Butcher - Black Putrefaction / Exploring the Limits of Unnecessary Surgery (2008)

Two bands, two quite different takes on goregrind/gorenoise. Black Putrefaction is/was (I seem to remember hearing that the project is defunct) one of the most unique, even artful voices in this absurd subgenre, and their four tracks are cacophonous, atmospheric washes of hyperspeed drum machine blastbeats, black static, reverb-drenched electro beats, and monstrous gutturals; their impact is virtually indistinguishable from that of harsh noise. Crucivomitorial Butcher, on the other hand, is far more typical, in that they have recognizable guitars, semi-comprehensible riffs, deranged samples at the beginning of every song, etc.

It's kinda shitty to discuss splits in terms of "Band A vs. Band B", as splits are done by bands that are cool with each other, and music isn't a contest. BUT if some asshole did act like this split was a fight, then the winner would be Black Putrefaction, absolutely no fucking contest. If you agree, then you should head over to Blogged and Quartered (this megapost, specifically) for more.

Track listing:
1. Black Putrefaction - Senotainia Albifrons
2. Black Putrefaction - Pyrellia Vivida
3. Black Putrefaction - Muscina Stabulans
4. Black Putrefaction - Stomoxys Calcitrans
5. Crucivomitorial Butcher - (Intro) Into the Fly-Clustered Maggotomb
6. Crucivomitorial Butcher - Homicidal Hallucinations from the Chainsaw Fumes
7. Crucivomitorial Butcher - Exploring the Limits of Unnecessary Surgery
8. Crucivomitorial Butcher - Involuntary Projectile Vomiting
9. Crucivomitorial Butcher - Sacrificial Slaughtersex
10. Crucivomitorial Butcher - (Outro) A Fetid Trail of Muck Left Behind
11. Crucivomitorial Butcher - Femalevolent Uterslicer
12. Crucivomitorial Butcher - Her Catheter Is My Straw
13. Crucivomitorial Butcher - I Cum Sewage

Behold the freshness of tenderized human meat

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  1. "I Cum Sewage"...ha! They one-upped Cannibal Corpse with that one!