Monday, October 6, 2014

Puissance - Let Us Lead (1996)

Puissance is a longstanding Swedish martial industrial duo (one of whom is the sole member of Octinomos, a rad black metal band who I'll probably get around to posting at some point [EDIT: I did]) who advocate the extermination of all life on earth. I'm emphasizing "all" because it's a key piece of information, as their totalitarian-esque imagery and bombastic sound can and has fooled some into believing that Puissance are fascist/racist, a conclusion that my semi-in-depth research tells me is absolutely false.

Still, there's plenty here to make your skin crawl. From the pounding percussion, droning keyboards, and tortured screams of "To Reap the Bitter Crops of Hate" to the claim of "Control" that "to own, to manipulate, to instruct is to love" to the lyrically wrenching "Whirlpool of Flames", an apparent remembrance of the nuclear annihilation of Hiroshima or Nagasaki, Let Us Lead is sure to rub some of you the wrong way.

Track listing:
1. Burn the Earth
2. Control
3. To Reap the Bitter Crops of Hate
4. Behold the Valiant Misanthropist
5. Dance in the Sulphur Garden
6. March of the Puissant
7. Global Deathrape
8. Whirpool of Flames
9. Warfare [bonus track]

Got to sleep, little city
Your shadows are burned in the wall

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