Monday, October 13, 2014

Virgin Prunes - ... If I Die, I Die (1982)

Classic debut album from short-lived Irish post-punk greats Virgin Prunes. Side A is all atmospheric slow-burners; Side B kicks off the graveyard dance party. Whatever edition this is throws a bonus track ("Pagan Love Song") right in the middle of the album, then tacks on a couple more at the end.

Track listing:
1. Ulakanakulot / Decline and Fall
2. Sweethome Under White Clouds
3. Bau-Dachöng
4. Baby Turns Blue
5. Pagan Lovesong
6. Ballad of the Man
7. Walls of Jericho
8. Caucasian Walk
9. Theme for Thought
10. Chance of a Lifetime
11. Yeo

The promised land of milk and honey
And I see it now
The pain it lasts and all is wasted