Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oneiroid Psychosis - Stillbirth (1995)

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In the OPIUM HUM household, no Halloween is complete without the traditional listening to of Oneiroid Psychosis' entire catalogue. It's a tradition because I am a total sucker for their sound -- straight-faced, electro-industrial-tinged darkwave with horror movie keyboards and self-consciously creepy vocals and lyrics -- but as I mentioned last year, it doesn't feel socially acceptable to listen to them at any other time of year. I go back and forth on what my favorite album of their is, but as of press time, I'm going with Stillbirth, their first and least cheesy record.

Track listing:
1. Succubi
2. Prurience
3. Fleshmachine
4. Bloodlust
5. Menarche
6. Hypnagogic Existence
7. Psychopathia Sexualis
8. Mind's I
9. Motionless
10. Broken Eyes
11. (Untitled)

Swallowing blood
Running red
Spits down the neck
Spreads on the bed

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