Monday, October 20, 2014

The Ravenous - Assembled in Blasphemy (2001) + Three on a Meathook E.P. (2003)

Assembled in Blasphemy: Good fucking lord this album is sick. It's death metal with doom tendencies -- much like Autopsy, two members of whom are on this record -- and thanks to reverb, gnarly bass/guitar tones, and some effectively edited and placed samples, it has this dense, dark atmosphere that makes it unique and positively disgusting. Plus, the riffs and songwriting are really good, so that helps. Includes members of Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, Necrophagia, and, like I just goddamn said, Autopsy. God I hate you sometimes.

Three on a Meathook: Great 4-song EP. Less atmosphere, but the songs are just as good.

Track listing:
-Assembled in Blasphemy-
1. Shrieks of the Mutilated
2. Dead, Cut Up, and Ready to Fuck
3. Orgy in Dog's Blood
4. Feasting from the Womb
5. Keep My Grave Open
6. Assembled in Blasphemy
7. Perverted Before God
8. Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind
9. Ageless Existence
10. Anointing the Worms
-Three on a Meathook-
1. Clotted Cryptic Writings
2. I Drink Your Blood
3. Three on a Meathook
4. Apocalyptic Paranoia

Intestines now slither
Like snakes betraying Christ


  1. Happy Monday to you, too.

  2. This is great stuff! Diverse, seething, gutteral, angry music.
    Definitely not gore metal....don't go by the cover

  3. Good to see the link is still here. Y'know Spirit, I have one of the albums after this - "Blood Delirium" - and though it's good, it doesn't hold a candle to this one. Thanks for turning me onto them.