Monday, February 27, 2017

Chaos as Shelter - In the Shelter of Chaos (2000)

Superb dark ambient/drone from Russian-born, Israel-residing artist Vadim Gusis. I'm overworked and exhausted, so that's about as much of a writeup as you're gonna get. Me listen loud while go sleepy-bye-bye now.

Track listing:
1. Decapitation
2. In the Shelter of Chaos, Pt. 1
3. A Funeral for Your Flesh
4. In the Shelter of Chaos, Pt. 2
5. Within the Eye of a Sandstorm
6. In the Shelter of Chaos, Pt. 3
7. The Door to Another Place
8. In the Shelter of Chaos, Pt. 4
9. November Uniform Alpha

In absentia

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  1. Hello, this appears to be the only way to contact you directly. So others may ignore this message as they will.

    I've been taking advantage of the remarkable selection of delights here and, as I am yet another music nerd, there is only one reasonable way to pay it back besides saying thanks (Thank You!). Some suggestions from my own debauched life of music collectoring, which is quite ancient and justified at this point.

    Synth stuff: I love the Germans, but sometimes you need some abstract squiggle. I highly recommend Matsuo Ohno's "I Saw The Outer Limits" and Bernard Szajner's "Superficial Music." Both of these guys clearly worked very, very hard on their sounds. And you should definitely check out Charles Cohen's long love affair with the Buchla.

    I noticed a few Mark Isham posts. You can't bring up Mark Isham without mentioning his soundtrack for the very interesting war film "The Beast." It quite literally sounds like Nils Peter Molvaer a decade too early. That David Torn record is good, but not as remarkable as this soundtrack.

    You need more easy listening/exotica on your blog. I recommend the following: Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo's "Moon Gas," Frank Hunter's "White Goddess," Haruomi Hosono's "Pacific," Joe Harnell's "Fly Me To The Moon," and the collected works of Mrs. Miller.

    You know what my favorite ECM record is? Julian Priester's "Love, Love." There are only a very few people that seem to get what Miles Davis was laying down during the 60s and 70s. Priester and Eddie Henderson seemed to get it.

    I see some Jan Hammer here. It is very difficult to say which is the greater Jan Hammer album, "Oh Yeah?" or "The First Seven Days." Who am I kidding? It's "Oh Yeah?"

    My personal specialty is fringe prog. Imagine my delight when I found you had posted the "Urban Sax" albums! It's like Mutant Sounds never died! Here then, are some favorite fringe prog acts: The Confusional Quartet's self-titled album; Basta! "Cycles" (member of Aranis); the mighty career of Bondage Fruit; Camberwell Now's "The Ghost Trade"; Conventum's lovely string take on Henry Cow; Hail's "Turn of the Screw" along with any goddam nerd thing by Bob Drake; Katra Turana; Kenny Process Trio (for Beefheartisms); Koenji's "Hundred Sights of Koenji"; The Ordinaires self-titled debut; Pivixki's "Gravissima"; The Shining's "In the Kingdom of Kitsch"; anything remotely to do with Magma; and, since you liked Picchio dal Pozzo, Arturo Staltieri's "Andre Sulla Luna" which is your basic arpeggiated synth prog.

    I guess that's enough for now. Much happy hunting for you. And may you never pay more than a ten dollars American for vinyl.

    1. Thanks a ton for all the recommendations! Lots of hunting and listening to be done