Friday, February 17, 2017

Geotic - Mend (2011)

Absolutely gorgeous ambient music from Will Weisenfeld, who's perhaps best known for his Baths project. Each vignette-like track plays more-or-less the same -- fade in, warm, grainy guitars chime brightly over a cloud of weightless synths, fade out -- making them feel like they're all part of the same train of thought. Reinforcing this are the track names, which read like a poem when read sequentially.

Mend truly is one of the sweetest, most comforting albums you're likely to hear. And the fact that he put it on his bandcamp for pay-as-you-will just makes it sweeter -- it's like he wants to give the world a beautiful gift.

Track listing:
1. Unwind
2. Beaming Husband
3. Find Your Peace
4. Time Passes in a Slow Sundown
5. Disrobe and Come to Bed
6. Get Held
7. Sleep and We'll Transition
8. Into Some Spirit World
9. Our Awe
10. The Sprawling, Glorious Newness
11. I'll Have Come and Gone with You
12. Through the Lush and Undiscovered
13. And Upon Awakening
14. We've Mended

Hold me closer than that

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  1. good stuff! I found most of the Geotic material is free. Cool!

  2. lovely. thanks for the introduction.

  3. This is a great album, but my favorite of Geotic is Neptune, also in bandcamp. It contains two celestial tracks. As soon as I start hearing the second (Neptune), I'm off to the Blue Giant: