Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ricardo Villalobos - Alcachofa (2003)

Brilliant first LP of driving minimal techno from Chilean-born, Germany-based producer Ricardo Villalobos. Deceptively complex compositions channeled through positively masterful production. Can't really overstate how great this record is.

Track listing:
1. Easy Lee
2. Y.G.H.
3. Bahaha Hahi
4. I Try to Live (Can I Live)
5. Waiworinao
6. Theogenese
7. What You Say Is More Than I Can Say
8. Dexter
9. Fools Garden (Black Conga)

Hypno angel

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  1. Nice one, been looking for this! Notoriously out-of-print-AF, and badly needing a reissue.

  2. I've got to say that I disliked this cd intensely, I couldn't get past track three it drove me up the wall. I loved his remixes and collaborations and eagerly bought the cd when it came out. But, for some reason I just couldn't get into it. Must give it another listen I suspose. Great blog though xx

    1. Strange -- I can tell that those are words that you wrote, and they seem to form sentences, but I can't make sense of it at ALL. Bizarre.

      JK everything's subjective, I just loved this album so much, immediately. I'm actually planning to post one of his remixes pretty soon, so maybe that'll be more up your alley.