Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hiatus - El Sueño de la Razon Produce Monstruos (1995)

Raging Belgian crust/d-beat. Raw, heavy, and with just enough variation to keep things fresh without ever sounding anything but pissed-as-fuck.

Track listing:
1. Destroy Me
2. Time Is Money
3. Discliché
4. Good Luck
5. Raw Screen
6. Shut That Big Mouth
7. God Is Cool
8. Vacant Not Empty
9. Overwhelmed
10. Cramped for Space
11. Hell Is Near
12. Opposites
13. Mr. Innocent
14. Pathetic Sounds
15. Let Derby Punk

Let Jesus fuck you

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  1. Yes, Hiatus! Saw them live in the nineties in Germany. Could you post more of this great band like "From Resignation To Revolt" or the last 12" "Brain"?

    1. Absolutely! Made a link with those two records in the same file, here ya go: http://www116.zippyshare.com/v/mvbkXjHu/file.html

  2. Booked those crusters in the 90's!!! Haven't heard this record in over 10 years, thanks!

  3. thanks for this great post and the other 2 records as well. made my day to see that their stuff still got it.

  4. Hi, since the two other Hiatus records were not a proper download whit its own page, the link has expired.. Could you please re-upload them????
    D-Beat and Crust records could even be all sounding the same, but still i'm hungry for them all.. i Even opened for Discharge with my band...

    1. Np, here ya go: http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/G7K0cAtD/file.html