Thursday, May 19, 2016

Decrepit - Tired of Licking Blood from a Spoon (1999)

Should-be classic Seattle d-beat/crust. One of the greatest records of its kind. It's the raw, heavy-as-fuck recording and positively vicious vocals that make it. I'd already been saying for a decade that Tired of Licking Blood from a Spoon was the all-time most underrated d-beat record when I met a dude -- with fucking impeccable taste, I might add -- who said EXACTLY THAT as he put it on the turntable. So there are at least two of us.

Track listing:
1. Extortion
2. Day of the Dead
3. The Disease Called My Life
4. 8 Hour Day
5. Decrepit
6. Crowd Control
7. Quarantine
8. The Apparition
9. Life on the Farm
10. Trials and Tribulations

Filth is bad. That's what starts maggots and riots.

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  1. Decrepit played an unforgettable gig in Athens, Greece in '98 or thereabouts. Thanks for bringing it back to memory, all hailz!

  2. Digging the hell out of this. Love the blog! I've found so much killer shit on there the last few months.