Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jerry's Kids - Is This My World? (1983)

Old school Boston hardcore. 23 minutes of fast, raw, sloppy, punk angst.

Track listing:
1. I Don't Belong
2. Cracks in the Wall / Tear It Up
3. Crucify Me
4. Break the Mold
5. Raise the Curtain
6. Vietnam Syndrom
7. Build Me a Bomb
8. New World
9. Lost
10. No Time
11. Is This My World?

Just give me pain
And watch me suffer
Watch me gasp

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Spider Fingers (1997)

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  1. These Boston boys are my second favorite Jerry Lewis themed hardcore: http://www.kbdrecords.com/2009/01/28/jerrys-kidz-well-fed-society-ep-7/