Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Absum - Eznerapsart Led Oicsnocbus Onamu (2008)

Sickly blackened funeral drone-doom from Italy. Rasping howls and eerie, dissonant keyboards hang overhead like purgatorial spirits as minimal riffs miserably drone deeper and deeper into an endless void.

Not to be confused with this Absum.

Track listing:
1. Ollatsric Id Enidutilos
2. Oido Elibivomerri
3. Issilce Id Oidicius
4. Len Oiub Led Ieim Inroig

I saw you dead within those walls

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  1. Hi there, this is the sole member of a new avant-garde/drone metal
    project called ZON. This year I have released my debut and sophomore
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    What I aim for here is taking metal to extremes barely (if ever)
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    My debut was a blend of drone metal and ritual dark ambient, and the
    second features a more psychedelic/krautrock approach of black and
    drone metal. Both contain heavy noise, psychedelic, ambient, and even
    some industrial elements.

    Thanks for checking