Sunday, May 8, 2016

Front Beast - Black Spells of the Damned (2006)

Nocturnal - Arrival of the Carnivore (2004)

Raw, ritualistic German black metal. Sloppy, midtempo, repetitive, vocals are too loud: trve.

Track listing:
1. Dawn of Azrael (Intro)
2. Candlelights
3. Unbound Evil
4. Past Midnight They Arrive
5. Devil's Flame
6. Black Spells of the Damned

Praise terror and pain, darkness and evil

If you like this, listen to:
Bilskirnir -
Atavismus des Glaubens (2003)
Devilgroth -
Sibur (2010)


  1. Could You upload this?
    Varathron "Sarmutius Pegorus"
    NIGREDO - "Facets of Death"
    HATEVÖMIT - Necrövömit
    SERPENT THRONE - Infernal Desecratio
    DIG ME NO GRAVE - Unholy Worship

    PS. New Dark Funeral was released June 3rd but I still can not find mp3 on internet.I am very curious what they created...
    Someone has already heard a whole Where Shadows Forever Reign?

    1. Nah man, that's way too much stuff. Maybe just pick one or two and we'll take it from there? And June 3rd has not happened yet

  2. Not yet?Im in 10 already...from which dimmension You are?
    Wait,now I see May :D I thought June is May in my language :D

  3. HATEVÖMIT - Necrövömit and Varathron "Sarmutius Pegorus"
    I found alredy :)