Sunday, May 29, 2016

Blasphemous Crucifixion - Crude Burial (2009)

Nox Inferi - Adverse Sphere (2008)

Gross, lo-fi, punk-ish US black metal. Crude Burial doesn't like you at all. Crude Burial wants all of the worst things in life to happen to you, and only you.

P.S. Thank you to the anonymous commenter who told me about Rings of Saturn getting blogs deleted. I took the post down entirely; like, I dig them, but not THAT much.

Track listing:
1. Urine-Soaked Tombstone
2. Poisoned Water
3. Broken Flower
4. Anal Rosary
5. Lord of Worms and Flies
6. Sacrilege and Blasphemy
7. Pale and Languid
8. Disgusting
9. Crude Burial
10. Bacteria
11. The Bleeding Wounds
12. Self-Inflicted
13. Black Aura Shines
14. Lunar Gaze

Rise from Hades

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