Saturday, May 21, 2016

Marsha Hunt - Attention! (1973)

Soul-infused 70s rock. Almost sounds like some good ol' boy shit, only it's helmed by a kickass black lady who refuses to shave her legs/otherwise embrace gender roles ("Man to Woman"), then turns out a seething, wrenching take on "Southern Man" that should be the definitive version. So, so good. How in the fuck does a record like this slip through the cracks.

Track listing:
1. Good Morning
2. Bad Boogie
3. Man to Woman
4. Will They Still
5. Southern Man
6. Rolling
7. Baby John
8. Sister of Mercy
9. Black Flower
10. Dance Hall

Take me as I am

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  1. have you listened to woman child, her first album? also amazing, also OP. (funkymysoul has it).

    thanks a million for this one. any chance you can re-rip at 320? your site is freaking rad.

    1. This isn't my rip, actually, wish I could

    2. This isn't my rip, actually, wish I could

  2. Well, that fugly album cover did the lady no justice. But your description has me hungry to dig in. Thank you for bringing this record to light.

  3. Great , haven't heard this for over 30 years !

  4. Unless I'm mistaken, Mr Jagger has a child, probably in his/her 40s now, with this woman. Didn't know she sang - will check this out.