Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Flesh Consumed - Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering (2010)

US technical brutal death metal. Angular, dissonant riffs and rapid-fire drums played with absolute precision all-around, for a crushing but abstract feel. Right at the intersection of Nerdy Lane and Ignorance Boulevard.

Track listing:
1. Devoid of Skin
2. Imprisoned Between Dimensions
3. Drug Induced Psychosis
4. Caverns of the Disembodied
5. Forever Chained (Interlude)
6. Chamber of Torture
7. Beneath the Pendulum
8. Valleys of Rust (Interlude)
9. Immortality Through Infinity Consciousness
10. Doomed (Interlude)
11. Interspecific Coalescence
12. Succumbed to Dementia
13. Staring Into the Abyss (Outro)

While performing the vivisect
I stare deep through the soul into the astral plane
Entranced in nebulas and stellar lights
My physical body continues to torture
while I travel the universe

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