Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sand - Golem (1974)

Trippy-as-fuck krautrock. With oscillating synths, droning guitars, and dramatic, heavily effected vocals, Golem sounds like the weighted, paranoid feeling of being too stoned.

Track listing:
1. Helicopter
2. Old Loggerhead
3. May Rain
4. On the Corner
5. Sarah

It is dancing there

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  1. A massive kraut favourite of mine. This from the Rotorelief CD? I've been wondering whether it's worth picking up (I have the first CD reiss, Ultrasonic Seraphim, which was mastered from vinyl).

    1. I'm not sure, this is someone else's rip -- not sure whose

  2. Another great gem! also I like the short descriptions you write & the wide range of styles of the albums you share!

  3. quite notably, two members of Sand later moved on to form the notorious minimal-wave-pack "Alu"