Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kalacakra - Crawling to Lhasa (1972)

Originally a private press, Crawling to Lhasa has since been reissued and bootlegged dozens of times. Creepy whisper-rasps over flute, vibraphone, echoing percussion, and a wall of droning guitar, synthesizer, cello, and violin. Makes me want to take acid, light candles, get naked, and channel ancient deities.

Track listing:
1. Nearby Shiras
2. Jaceline
3. Raga No. 11
4. September Full Moon
5. Arapahos Circle Dance
6. Tante Olga
7. Vamos
8. Deja Vu



  1. Thank you, never heard of this one.

  2. love this one. everyone should grab it.