Sunday, February 28, 2016

Susumu Yokota - Sakura (2000)

Gorgeous, tranquil ambient compositions and gently pulsing minimal techno from Japanese electronic artist Susumu Yokota (RIP). Could soothe even the most feverishly anxious mind.

Track listing:
1. Saku
2. Tobiume
3. Uchu Tanjyo
4. Hagoromo
5. Genshi
6. Gekkoh
7. Hisen
8. Azukiro No Kaori
9. Kodomotachi
10. Naminote
11. Shinsen
12. Kirakiraboshi

Blue sky and yellow sunflower

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  1. I agree - this is a brilliant fucking record. I had no idea Yokota had passed. Very sad to hear that.

  2. These are the types of records that keep me coming back to your treasure trove of a site. Thanks from one crate digger to another.

  3. Hey man I just wanna say thank you so much for all of your efforts, non-metal and metal. I'm discovering so much amazing music from your posts, as well as seeing already loved albums being posted here. I wish I could give you beer and weed (and acid if I could). Cheers!

    1. Hey, I wish you could give me drugs, too! But it's the thought that counts

  4. This man was so underrated. Do you happen to have his 2001 album "Grinning Cat"?

    1. Sorry, forgot about this request momentarily. I do, here it is:

    2. Now it's MY turn to apologize for not checking this comment section til right now. I truly appreciate it. Much thanks from a fellow Rose City dweller!

    3. thanks for the album shares man!
      i was hoping you might have Sound of Sky (2002) ?

  5. so many thanks man, I thought I was never gonna find this record anywhere. great blog btw.

  6. I downloaded this aaaaaages ago when you first posted this (is loved the cover) and just got round to listening to it last got lost in all the other stuff and much of this year has been a haze of Jane's Addiction, Joy Division and New Order, but recently I've been digging out the Enoch ambient stuff (especially Music For Films). Then last night I came across this again. Totally digging it!

    1. Damn you autocorrect. I typed Eno not Enoch