Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ron Boots, Eric van der Heijden & Friends - By Popular Demand (1993)

John Kerr - Reflections of Citadel (1991)

Good lord look at those nerds plinking away at their synths. The possibly ironically titled By Popular Demand compiles a series of live performances that feature an ever-shifting cast of Berlin school musicians centering on Ron Boots and Eric can der Heijden. It's not all ambient drift -- although there is of course plenty of that -- as is abundantly from the moment the (live!) drums kick in during the prog-y, drivingly hypnotic "Mercalli's Scale". Despite the cheesy presentation, this is actually a fucking ace record, and anyone who dug my recent slew of synth posts (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here) should NOT sleep on it.

Track listing:
1. Mercalli's Scale
2. Time Room Spirits
3. Running Out of Time
4. Through Mental Doors
5. On the Edge
6. Time Room Special
7. March 28th
8. Unitas Special

Detachment of worldly affairs

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Sam Rosenthal - Before the Buildings Fell (1986)
Steve Roach - Stormwarning (1989)


  1. Thanks again. Never knew this even existed tho I am a bit bias of the Tangerine Dream imitators Ill take a good listen! That Sam Rosenthal Buildings album best thing the guy ever released up until his Lonely as Dave Bowman which is classic drone music.

    1. Oooh damn, didn't know about that project. Thanks!!

  2. This one is indeed fantastic. Everything I love about late 70s-early 80s TD, played by (by the looks of them) the kind of guys I hung around with in school. Brilliant.