Sunday, February 7, 2016

Flooded Church of Asmodeus - Satan's Punishment: The Ultimatum (2012)

Lo-fi, doom-laced Finnish black metal. What could be kinda catchy, Craft-like riffs get buried under shrieking guitar feedback and vocals that might as well just be low frequency static.

Track listing:
1. Sermon Feedback
2. Honor of the Faithful
3. Satan's Punishment: The Ultimatum
4. Ritual Orgies in the Flooded Church
5. Supernatural Lunar Activities, Part I
6. Decomposing Cadavers of the Unholy Soil
7. The Newcastle Trinity
8. None to Try and Defy the Power of His Satanic Majesty
9. Vampire Epidemic II
10. Supernatural Lunar Activites, Part II

You will see how the goat fucks her

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