Friday, February 12, 2016

Sally Oldfield - Water Bearer (1978)

Sally Oldfield's first and best solo record, Water Bearer is a song sequence of mystical, nature-worshipping folk rock. A lush, colorful musical tapestry of piano, glockenspiel, harp, horns, guitar, synth, hand drums, ethereal backing vox, and various other elements, with Oldfield's angelic voice at its core. FYI it's super easy to find this on LP for like three bucks.

Track listing:
1. Water Bearer
2. Night Theme
3. Wampum Song
4. Nenya
5. Land of the Sun
6. Mirrors
7. Weaver
8. Night of the Hunters' Moon
9. Child of Allah
10. Song of the Bow
11. Fire and Honey
12. Song of the Healer

Three rings for the elven kings

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  1. Wow. A blast from the past. Good one!

  2. This may be easy to find on vinyl, but those of us who have no vinyl capability appreciate this greatly. Thanks!