Monday, February 29, 2016

The Gentle Waves - The Green Fields of Foreverland... (1999)

You motherfuckers ready to get TWEE?! The Gentle Waves was the name that Isobel Campbell, who at the time was still in Belle & Sebastian, used for this, her first solo record, before opting to just use her own name from here on out. The Green Fields of Foreverland... sounds, as one might expect, a whole lot like the songs she wrote for The Boy with the Arab Strap and Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant, but with generally sparser arrangements and a more lulling feel; one major exception is the upbeat late-album adrenaline shot that is "Weathershow".

Track listing:
1. Hangman in the Shadow
2. Evensong
3. Renew and Restoer
4. Emanuelle, Skating on Thin Ice
5. Rose I Love You
6. Enchanted Place
7. Tree Lullaby
8. Dirty Snow for the Broken Ground
9. Weathershow
10. A Chapter in the Life of Mathiew
11. To Salt a Scar

Be a girl
See how hopeless she can be

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  1. wow, many, many memories of this one, seeing them play in Glasgow in the summer of 99, having the biggest crush on Isobel... she did a Gainsbourg ye-ye song as part of the set, wish I could remember which one - possibly Poupee De Cire... missing the last direct train home and having to get one to Irvine then walk home to Kilmarnock in the middle of the night... good times.

  2. I was born to be twee. Thanks for posting this!