Friday, February 19, 2016

Starcastle - Starcastle (1976)

Bright, sparkling US prog. Starcastle has all the things that I like about Supertramp -- uber-polished sound and performance, squeaky-clean major-key vocal harmonies, twinkly synths, a general sense of nerdy prog being married to some form of pop music -- with more full-on prog noodling, and none of the half-hearted stabs at political/social commentary. So... it sounds pretty much exactly like Yes, is what I'm saying. Just noticed that we have a copy of this album at my work, and can't wait to annoy my hipster coworkers with it!

Track listing:
1. Lady of the Lake
2. Elliptical Seasons
3. Forces
4. Stargate
5. Sunfield
6. To the Fire Wind
7. Nova

Morning is just a broken wind in my glass sight

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  1. You couldnt find a closer YES wanna-be band than that early Starcastle. Still its guilty pleasure to listen to these guys. The lead singer was the original vocalists for REO Speedwagon. Thanks for all the great stuff! Prog nerds love it!

  2. Super Glue -

    Had this once on 8-Track tape. Haven't heard it in years. Look forward to hearing it again, Thanks!